A: Yes, they are certified by the Orthodox Union.

A: The recommended shelf life of FlavorMaster® is 2 years from date of manufacture. Original GravyMaster® is 3 years.

A: We recommend refrigerating FlavorMaster® to extend freshness and potency. Original GravyMaster® does not require refrigeration.

A: FlavorMaster® does not contain any preservatives.

A: When roasting or grilling, brush on during the last 15 minutes. When sautéing, combine equal parts olive oil and FlavorMaster®.

A: That’s from the browning of the cane sugar syrup, that’s partially responsible for our distinctive taste!

A: FlavorMaster® is Vegetarian, as it contains no meat.

A: We are certain! Our ingredients are all plant-based!

A: The original GravyMaster "Perfect Gravy Every Time" can be found here. Also check out tips and recipes here.

A: No! Check out some recipes here!